Brand Development

40 Sports believes that every player is marketable off of the field. However, each player cannot be marketed the same. As a result, 40 Sports takes pride in creating marketable brands for each and every player that fits his own personality and passion. It is our goal to develop and manage a players brand so as to create multiple revenue streams beyond the field and after their careers have ended.

Contract Negotiation

It is imperative that each player gets every dollar available to him through his Professional Sports contract. 40 Sports believes that the art to negotiating the best contracts for players is by knowing what the other team does not want you to know. It is our goal to get every player more out of their contract then they expect.

Strategic Career Planning

What makes strategic career planning unique is that it plans for the player’s life after football through proactive steps throughout the players career instead of reactive steps as a result of financial distress. We work with a team of financial advisors, attorneys and entreprenual mentors to create various wealth protection plans and a career plan that will have each player confident about his business affairs off of the field.